Rench Audio

I'm sure you've answered this one a million times, but I'm a new fan and would really like to know. How exactly did you come up with the concept of Gangstagrass? Was it like an instant 'lightbulb' moment of inspiration or the result of experimentation? (Either way, I just want to say I think it's pure genius. In general I'm mostly a rock'n'roll guy and have never had the much of a desire to listen to either bluegrass or rap. Yet when the two are put together I'm somehow utterly hooked. So thanks for broadening my musical horizons such a unique and surprising way! Would love to see you guys play some shows in England some day.)

Rench Audio responded on 10/18/2014

we are looking at some possible UK dates next summer! I've been doing various permutation of country and hip-hop combined for a decade, and it is just what comes out when I produce - my dad is from Oklahoma but we lived in southern california when I grew up in the 80s, so at grammar school it was all about breakdancing and RUN-DMC, but when I got home it was Willie Nelson and George Jones on the stereo. When I started producing beats for hip-hop, I couldn't help but start adding in pedal steel guitars and fiddles.

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